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Swim Thong Options

Well guys I still need a swim thong for my summer reviews.  I’m having a hard time choosing them so would you mind helping.

1) The Joe Snyder Dazzling Tanga Thong – Available at


2) Alter Lateral Flash Thong – I’ve seen a lot of buzz about these one sided thongs lately.  How do they stay on?



3) Gary Majdell Flag Thong.


4) Tulio Lifter G-String from International Jock


5) Muscleskins Poser Thong 1/2″


Please cast your vote for the swim thong you would like me to review.

Which Swim Thong Do You Want Me To Review

Swimsuit Poll 2014 Edition – Update

Hi Guys,  Well it seems that we have had a very tight race so far (no pun intended) We are currently at a 4 way tie.  It seems that you guys really want me to review a regular speedo, a square cut swimsuit, a thong swimsuit and a bikini swimsuit.  If you guys have any suggestions on what brand and colour I should get for the suits please leave a comment below.  I’d like to know what you guys would like me to review.


Hi guys,  It’s become that time of year again.  Summer is coming and I want to know what swimsuits you would like me to review.  Please vote below and once we have a winner.  I’ll pick a few options for you guys to pick out my swimsuit!

What style swimsuit would you guys like me to review next?