Andrew Christian – Santa Cruz Swim Bikini Review

Hi Guys,  So I got this swimsuit almost a month ago now but the weather hasn’t been the best here so I haven’t had a chance to properly review this swimsuit until now.  But I must say it’s pretty great, Andrew Christian sure knows how to make a great swimsuit.  The Santa Cruz swim bikini is just how I like them, nice and tight.  It gives you a nice pouch in the front without being super showy so you can wear this swimsuit everywhere.  It’s perfect for the beach, pool, hanging out in your back yard or any fun summer parties you have to go to this year.  I really love the details on the back of this suit, it will really give your ass some attention.  The front of this swimsuit seems pretty tame it just looks like a nice black regular swim brief, but then when you turn around you get this awesome neon detailing.  You get a strip of bold yellow neon and then a strip of awesome orange neon.  This will definitely make you and your ass stand out in the crowd.

As you know I do like to put my swimsuits to the test.  So this one I wore under my shorts as I walked to the beach and it stayed in place just great without and bunching or riding up.  Then I had to hike down 400 stairs to get to the beach (not kidding, just look up wreck beach Vancouver and you’ll see what I mean)  and it was super comfortable and stayed in place on my hike down the stairs.  As soon as I was half way down the stairs i stripped on my shorts and was just in my speedo.  I was venturing down to a nude beach anyways.  So Once I was at the nude beach I had to hike through the sand and the rocks to get to the main section of the beach while getting wet with some waves.  I can tell you the guys seemed to really like this swimsuit I got lots of comments as I was walking. Even though it’s a clothing optional beach I kept my speedo on just to work on those hot speedo tan lines I love so much. Also I’m a ginger and don’t want to burn the goods.

But if you want something bold this summer that’s still family friendly that you can where everywhere this summer,  You should check out the Santa Cruz swim bikini from Andrew Christian.  Also I wanted to mention that my swimsuit poll will be back up again this week so stay tuned for that as well guys.