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Aussiebum Teal Briefs Review!

Hi Guys,

These are the briefs I’m wearing today.  They are made by Aussiebum, they have a amazing color to them.  They are so comfortable.  I have worn them to work all day under my jeans and it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all 😉

The are one of my favourite pairs of underwear that I own.  I spend a lot of time lounging around the house in them and I haven’t had a complaint yet.

They are priced very well, and totally worth it.  I want to own these in every color.  So head on over to www.aussiebum.com and order a pair today.

Hello world!

Hi Guys,  Welcome to my blog,  here you will find reviews of mens swimwear and underwear and lots of man candy for the viewing pleasure.  There will be lots of posts and I will review all the underwear and swimwear I have,  and trust me I have lots.  Your going to love what’s in my drawers!